Logistics and Warehouse Assets

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Logistics Services

InSupport’s facilities are available to our customers for the management of their technological equipment logistics.

Our customers can remotely manage their inventory with us at any time and in real time.

  • Stocking: Storage, warehousing, logical and physical warehouses. Detached warehouses throughout the territory. Receipt of goods, checks and controls, piking, testing and documentation. Integrated and automated process management with optical reading, barcodes, magnetic labeling, TAG. Management of locations, serial numbers, stocks, assets, lots. Hazard, expiration and status of products. Guarding, surveillance, custody with advanced control and security systems. Full risk insurance coverage.
  • Staging: Hw and Sw assembly and preconfiguration. Allocation of goods to the consignee, labeling and testing.
  • Trasporti: Standard and special transports. Direct coverage on key national routes to our platforms. Last kilometer always done by our technician. Targeted Transportation. Safe Transportation. Delivery and placement of goods. Handling of goods with special equipment. Retreats. Full risk insurance coverage.
  • Delivery On Site: Placement, unpacking, installation, configuration, backup, testing, documentation.
  • Refurbishing: Sanitization, functionality control, testing, repackaging, labeling, insertion in availability.
  • Broker: Direct contacts with all domestic and foreign brokers, financing.
  • Scrapping: Direct contacts with all disposal companies, domestic and foreign.

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