Technical Support Services

Specialized technical support services for all tech products with remote monitoring and proactive actions Call Receiving – Multilevel Help Desk – Monitoring – Managed Maintenance – Asset Management

Security and System Integration

Consultancy, design, installation, upgrading, maintenance and management of physical security systems Integration of security systems with ICT/IoT systems; centralized management of equipment and signals

ICT Logistics Services

Professional warehousing, staging and distribution services for ICT machines, systems and spare parts Our customers can directly manage, check and control online, 24/365, their inventories at our warehouse.

Service Level Agreements

In the ICT industry, SLAs are an important component of the contract between customer and maintainer Service Levels Agreements ensure Business Continuity and a constant systems efficiency

Hardware Maintenance and Services

ICT Management Services, a high reliability software tool operated for testing, installation and maintenance, and for the proper management of the technology park, guarantees, maintenance, contracts and to monitor its efficiency.

About us

InSupport mission is the support and maintenance of ICT infrastructure, and all digital systems where we can offer services of high quality in order to maintain efficiency and operation of your systems based on Information and Communication Technology.
With a staff of about seventy resources, direct and indirect, operating in the organizational and operational departments, InSupport can design and operate a support tech 'system and maintenance of hardware and software in every part of Italy and other countries Europe.

We have, for all your needs, led to a certificate of 300 people throughout the country and abroad.

Our mission is to provide technical and system support to ICT brands, for which we constitute operating groups dedicated to each customer, leveraging our technical expertise and organizational and operational agility gained through years of support and maintenance for major brands sector. Our business model is based on a horizontal management of internal and external relations, design involves technical staff, project managers, coordinators and our management systems, along with suppliers and customers in order to create a fluid flow of information and resources for project success and customer satisfaction and customer of our client. A formula that allows you to have all a common goal, always present in every moment of commissioning of the project, as it is always present in our value proposition of the person and the people as key elements for achieving a common goal.

Ask what we can do for you, we'll be happy to meet you and listen to you.


InSupport is the Full Service for the ICT industry

InSupport comes from the synergy of ideas, projects and diversified experience and more than a decade in the field of services of installation, maintenance and technological support for leading brands and companies end users.  

We have references to more than EUR 30 million in annual revenue, more than 1000 managed resources each year, including direct and induced activity of over 500 thousand million hours of installation and maintenance.

Our mission is the technical and technological support on behalf of the brands in the ICT sector and for companies that incorporate in their products and digital technology elements where we can offer our technical expertise, organizational and management to maintain operational efficiency and a machines of any size and any type of device.  

From PCs to servers, printers and networking equipment, from electronic boards installed on the machine for marking equipment, validation and reporting, from cell phones to tablets, we can design a qualified maintenance service, tailored on your specific needs of recovery time and according to agreed SLAs.


CR-Team (Call Receiving) The team is responsible for the receipt, control and recording (automatic and / or manual) of the technical and commercial requests

Support-Team (Support Center) is the working group that analyzes requests registered, try the remote solution, and if not the sorts to the correct group for the period (Commercial, Technical, On-Site); also has the task of monitoring facilities operated by In-ItemSoS.

Operation-Team (Operational) it 's all the technicians who perform the delivery, it is divided into zones and groups of expertise, enables us to act quickly at the customer's site, on the whole national territory and all the technological systems both hardware and software.

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