Security and system integration


Security as a mission

The design, instalation and management of security systems is our job, but it’s primarily a mission, because avoiding damage to the companies’ assets, but above all, safeguarding the life of people is something that makes us proud to make an important contribution to the community.

And our vision is to constantly improve our offering to make sure our customers are safe from all kinds of threats.

Our offering in safety systems

We provide consulting, analysis, design, supply, installation, maintenance and management services for the physical safety of companies and organizations, for the protection of corporate assets, for the protection of people, as well as automotive traffic management systems, parking lots and routes.

All our security projects are designed with integration in mind, where video surveillance, intrusion protection, access control, physical and chemical alarms are integrated to maximize the effectiveness of the project.

The experience of our technicians, and the use of selected quality products tested in the field, guarantee the customer on the results of the project.

For each customer, from design to management, we dedicate a project manager who will verify with the customer the achievement of the contractual objectives, up to testing and commissioning, project management that continues in the phases of assistance to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

We install state-of-the-art systems, always in line with new technologies, always one step ahead of the possible problems that the and companies could face.

All our projects are based on remote managed and remote assisted systems, so that customer can control and intervene even remotely and in real time.

Our designers and technicians have knowledge and ability to install systems in the most difficult environmental conditions, such as overcoming artificial and natural barriers, working at high altitudes and in open spaces where the experience of conveyed wave transmission solutions, wireless systems, IR bridges and fibre optics laying is one of our strong point.


  • Security Systems

    • Integrated Security Systems
    • Videosurveillance
    • Anti-intrusion, anti-fraud, Anti shoplifting
    • Access management
    • Fire detection and evacuation
    • Gas detection
    • Automatic fire extinguishing
    • Flood detection
    • Structured cabling
  • Traffic control systems

    • Motor Traffic Control
    • Limited Traffic Zone Management
    • Parking management
    • Vehicle route management and pick up
  • Systems for the control of permanent and temporary events
    • Exhibitions and trade fairs
    • Concert and shows
    • Stadiums, sports halls and swimming pools, car racing and racecourse facilities
    • Urban areas
    • Streets and Squares


  • Integrated management of security systems
    • Management of systems on behalf of the customer
    • Single Point Of Contact Service (SPOC)
    • Service and maintenance H24/7/365


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